In 2015, I began my creative journey in my 30's during the last 4 years of my 15 years in corporate banking. While working full-time and raising 2 kids, I launched 2 companies and 10+ projects in under 4 years. In 2019, my side hustles became full-time entrepreneurship.

this is my story

As a little girl, born in Zambia, Africa, I dreamed of being an artist and basketball playerI gave up on those dreams in order to be the best daughter I could be to my parents, who had sacrificed everything to immigrate to Canada so that I could have opportunities that they never had access to. I developed severe social anxiety and repressed my self-expression so much that by my twenties, I thought my creativity was completely gone.

Then, I gave birth to a beautiful boy, and six years later, a beautiful girl. As motherhood became my priority, I revisited what it meant to be my authentic self. I wanted to learn how to bake for my children. It was my very first cake that I baked for my daughter that set my soul on fire and my heart singing with joy.

It ignited a spark in me, which led to becoming a self-taught, 2x nationally-recognized baker and a national basketball festival & podcast.

It took me nearly two decades (including 15 years in corporate banking) to rediscover my creative spark—a spark that had never died.


I did not quit my full-time corporate job to fulfill my creative dreams. And I did not give up on those dreams as a wife & mother. Instead, I blazed my own trail.

While working full-time in corporate banking strategy as a wife & mother of two children,

  • I became a self-taught baker & solo-entrepreneur. My cakes have been published in the 2017 National Edition of Bride & Groom print magazine and three online magazines.
  • I co-founded an innovative Filipino Fusion line of traditional pastries that was stocked in national grocer T&T and national Filipino chain Seafood City Supermarket
  • I spearheaded a non-profit national basketball festival raising $8,125 in proceeds for Sick Kids, Canada’s leading children’s hospital
  • I became the producer and co-host of an urban culture podcast featuring creators, athletes, and entrepreneurs 
  • I hosted a global conference for professionals and organized local gatherings for entrepreneurial women

I help women & businesses thrive in their greatness and authenticity.

Are you ready to create a life that sets your soul on fire?

Why I coach: Let's go on a journey...
My strict childhood forced me to give up on creativity and passion.
For the last 15 years, I worked in corporate banking, with cross-enterprise expertise in reporting, change management, project management, and strategy.
I thought my spark was gone, until my children inspired me to become a self-taught baker...
...which led to my solo owned & operated bakery, a national feature as a cake designer-stylist...
...and a product line, inspired by my Filipino heritage, stocked in two national grocers.
I have always hosted events and mentored women with self-funded passions...
...and I'd always find myself helping them afterwards, on one-on-one coffee chats.
My love for authentic conversation led to co-hosting & producing a basketball & urban culture podcast with local artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs...
...I spearheaded a national non-profit basketball festival...
...and I found the courage to play basketball again, just before turning 40.
My long-lost spark was re-ignited after over two decades, so I took a leap of faith... dedicate more time to re-igniting dreams and empowering action...
To coach women in making their creative dreams come true.

ready blaze your own traIl?

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