Calvin & Hobbes Themed Dessert Table

To draw inspiration for this dessert table, I re-read the Calvin & Hobbes comics. These comics had an influence to those of us that love comics, so I wanted to do this theme justice. In order for the dessert table to come together cohesively, I drew inspiration from the Calvin & Hobbes colours & font – very fun and whimsical!

The flavour of the cake was banana with a cream cheese filling. I kept the fondant details as simple as possible because I wanted the Calvin & Hobbes comic to be the star of the cake. I hand-painted the comic onto fondant and topped off the two-tier fondant cake. For the details, the leaves were made from fondant, and the log was made out of delicious modeling chocolate. For those of you that haven’t used modeling chocolate, I can tell you that it has rich cocoa aroma to it, so I had to really hold myself back from eating the whole thing.

The macarons I created were: salted caramel, cookies & cream and pistachio. The red and orange colour just pops, to match Calvin’s lined shirt and Hobbes’ stripes. If you look closely at the mini chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, I covered them with Calvin’s yellow buttercream spiky hair and Hobbes’ chocolate sprinkled stripes.

The candy bar contained: sour wild strawberries, gummy worms, Reese’s pieces and fuzzy peach candy.

Photographs by: Jonathan How (@madebyten)

Table & candy jar labels made by: Marianne Leigh Ellazar (@lse_design)

Décor by: Charmaine Valbuena-Ayson (@charmed_anne)

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