What do you see in the image above (this may involve scrolling)? 

You’re probably listing several ideas in your head, narrowing it down to a short list, and concluding with your top one to two options. Keep your answer(s) in your mind for a few moments.



What I admire about my children are their innocence. Their minds have a blank slate without bias, noise, or judgement. As a result, their curiosity allows them to explore the world with wonder, and their open mindedness enables them to be free. I watch my children create new things out of anything they can get their hands on, and they have fun doing it. There’s these moments, though fleeting, that happen like slow-motion to me. I observe their reactions when they uncover something new and exciting and how their face lights up each time. Children leverage all their senses to take in the world and the environment around them. This includes: touching new textures of fabric or surfaces, seeing how light reflects off walls, smelling the aroma of what’s at the dinner table, hearing how sound changes when they play with the volume adjuster, and tasting new food or flavours.

This is precisely one of my goals on my journey, to clear my mind of anything that would hold me back from experimenting or  trying something new. I’ll give you an example, my family and friends know that I’m not a big fan of coconut (I know, I know, I hear about it all the time). There’s something about that white, flaky texture when you eat it…*cringe*

I realize now, that I’m holding myself back from something that could be rather delicious. So, here I am with this chance at starting new, and to do it in the way that I choose. I want to continue to grow organically and in new ways that are non-traditional. I’m going to keep on expanding my horizons and trying new things. I don’t want to be defined as just one single thing, that moves in one specific path. Instead, I’m going to take a page out of children’s book and gain new perspective – their perspective. They’ve inspired me to look at the world differently, to be curious with all my senses, and yes, it also means having a lot of fun doing it!



Here is the image again below. Although some things have moved around, at this angle you can discern the original picture. For us, gaining perspective can be as simple as being open to see the world in different ways.

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