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The Crane Express

If this is your first time hearing about The Crane Express Catering & Co., or The Crane Express for short, let me tell you all about it. 

Inspired by Southeast Asian flavours, The Crane Express take your tastebuds on a mouth watering experience using the finest and freshest ingredients. We create modern Asian Fusion Cuisine. From sweet and tangy to savoury, The Crane Express has something to satisfy every palette. While eating a tasty meal, you can enjoy their delicious dessert drinks called ‘Halo-Halo.’ Our tapioca mixed drinks come in several flavours including: Ube, Mango, Coconut, Strawberry shortcake, and Vietnamese Condensed Coffee.

In 2017, the brand started off as a food truck that travelled from event to event during the summer to serve their delicious food & drinks. This year, plans changed due to COVID. 

As the Director of Marketing & Operations, I assisted with rebuilding the brand. Today The Crane Express has expanded to four locations across the GTA since COVID began in March, and hosted two separate pop-ups in Downtown Toronto and in Square One, Mississauga. As times have changed with Stage 2, Stage 3 and back to Stage 2, we have had to adapt quickly and continue to innovate. 

The Crane Express menu will continue to evolve and change each season. You can check out the location specific menu items as well:

As the Head Baker, I assist in producing delicious Asian fusion dessert products such as the Ube White Chocolate and Matcha White Chocolate Chip Cookies. The Ube White Chocolate Chip Cookies are now available at all locations.

Make sure to follow @CraneExpress on Instagram and Facebook so that you can take advantage of their specials and offers. 

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