What inspired me to create Chietopia

Chietopia represents my passion for artistic creation and design. For over a decade I’ve been searching for an outlet to channel my ideas. I have tried several mediums: painting, drawing, and design, just to name a few. Having a creative mindset is easier said than done. I had several obstacles I had to overcome to get to this point in my life.

From an impressionable age, I followed a single, predetermined path (my parents dream) right through to University. As a first generation Canadian, my parent’s advice and counsel was completely just, because they wanted the best for me. They had left their home country with their life savings. They had to create a new life and a new place for their family to call home. Similar to other immigrants to Canada, there were incredible sacrifices were made. Because of their sacrifice, I only wanted to make them proud, and that meant trusting them and their advice to pursue a career in Engineering/Computer Science. I am grateful for my education, because it landed me a job in the financial industry. In my mid-20s, it took a long time to dig deep to find my creative self because it didn’t come natural to me anymore; in fact, the years of holding back, made it feel non-existent at times. I didn’t give up and I continued move forward..

After my son was born, I knew I had to eventually face my own advice: do what you love, never give up, and follow your passion. I put my journey on hold for several years and focused on being the best new mom I could be.

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Six years later, the birth of my daughter Cassidy, was the catalyst I needed to revisit my quest again. During my maternity leave, I wanted to create home made meals for my family. I got into a good habit of cooking/baking regularly. One recipe led to another and I could not stop, I was having fun and I took pride in watching my family enjoy the meals I was making. I continued baking more challenging recipes, and perfecting different techniques. Before I knew it, I found my creative outlet. I discovered something that makes my heart beat loud and my head spin with ideas. That’s how I knew for certain, that I was on to something.

Why Chietopia? By definition Utopia is an ideal place or state. Chietopia represents everything that I love folded into one: cooking, baking, creativity and art — my ideal state of mind. If you join me, I’ll take you on my journey of creative expression. I’ll share my creations and key learnings from my experience. My hope is that if you’re reading this and find yourself on a similar path, that you’ll also hit the pause button in life. Take time to reflect, take risks, and make the leap into your soul, to find your own ideal state of mind — whatever that may be.

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