A multi-platform creative entrepreneur, mother of two, and problem-solving ninja.

I'm here to multiply the ROI of your time and energy.​

I am proof that you can pursue your passions without compromising on your real-life responsibilities, such as money and family.

While working full-time in corporate banking strategy as a wife & mother of two children,

  • I became a self-taught baker & solo-entrepreneur. My cakes have been featured in the 2017 National Edition of Bride & Groom print magazine and three online magazines.
  • I co-founded an innovative Filipino Fusion line of traditional pastries, stocked in national grocer T&T and national Filipino chain Seafood City Supermarket
  • I spearheaded a non-profit national basketball festival raising $4,800 in proceeds for Sick Kids, Canada’s leading children’s hospital
  • I became the producer and co-host of an urban culture podcast featuring creators, athletes, and entrepreneurs 
  • I hosted a global conference for professionals and organized local gatherings for entrepreneurial women

I often get asked how & why I do it all

I do what I love without societal timelines, pressures, or definitions of success. I did not quit my full-time corporate job to fulfill my creativity. I did not give up on my dreams when I became a wife & mother. Instead, I blazed my own trail.

I am a Filipina, born in Zambia, Africa, raised in Canada. My parents made immense sacrifices to give me the best life possible, and I wanted to be the best daughter I could be. Enduring a harsh and traumatic childhood, I developed severe social anxiety and I repressed my self-expression so much that by my 20s, I thought my creativity was completely gone.

Then, I gave birth to a beautiful boy, and six years later, a beautiful girl. As motherhood became my priority and focus, I revisited what it meant to be the best version of myself. I truly wanted to cook and bake for my children on a regular basis. It was my very first cake for my daughter that set my soul on fire, my head spinning with ideas, and my heart singing with joy. It ignited a spark in me, which led to two businesses in the baking industry: one featured in a national print magazine, and one stocked in two national groceries.

I realized that my creative spark had never gone away, and that one’s inner fire can be ignited and re-ignited at any age. 

I took one tiny spark that ignited my energy and passion in my 30’s, and multiplied it into 10+ different projects in under 4 years.


Life’s greatest adventure is to become who you really are. By the time I found the courage to look within, I realized that decades of my life had not been truly lived. My social anxiety and fear of disappointing my parents was the reason why I was not who I truly was. However, I did not believe it was too late – it is never too late.

Leading a multifaceted and multidimensional life is possible at any age. You don’t have to wait decades, years, or even a month to build the life you want. It happens by taking one small risk on yourself, one day at a time.

I am a leader who builds digital and tangible communities, experiences, and gatherings for creators, athletes, and entrepreneurs. I empower passionate individuals through life-changing conversations. 

Let’s begin with one conversation:

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