What if you could wake up every morning and live every moment ignited and free?

I help creative & entrepreneurial women and mothers do what they love on their own terms.


Many of us have been told by society and the people in our lives that women and mothers can’t and shouldn’t create multi-dimensional, authentic lives. So we stop doing what ignites us. We tell ourselves that it isn’t possible and that it’s too late.

It is never too late.

I became a baker + podcaster + non-profit executive + apparel marketer + basketball newbie in a matter of a few years…
…just before turning 40.
I’m a corporate banker turned creative entrepreneur. 
I’m a wife and mother doing what I love on my own terms.
And I’m on an unstoppable mission to help women do the same.

I'll help you create a lifestyle or business that is both true to who you are and practical to achieve.

With millions of experts and articles on life and business advice, why is it that many women struggle to find solutions that actually work in real life? Because most of the advice out there is given by those who don’t have the same constraints as you do. Even the most well-meaning advice doesn’t work for everyone, because they don’t know your specific situation. 

That’s why you don’t just need advice.
You need to turn passion into

By speaking to you on a regular basis, understanding your goals and challenges, creating an action plan, and guiding you through the steps, we will achieve life-changing, tangible results.


It happened by accident, after being asked by countless people how to do what they really wanted to do while at crossroads with many different priorities in their professional and personal lives. I’d always get asked: “Rechie, how the heck do you do it all?!” They wanted to know how I manage my time, structure my day, and overcome the unique challenges of creative entrepreneurship as a mother, wife, and (then) full-time corporate banker.

 They knew that I could help them because I understood. I didn’t tell them to “just quit your job”, because I know that not everyone can afford to do that; not everyone is a young, single person without a mortgage and children. And not everyone is a millionaire or a venture-backed Silicon Valley entrepreneur who can simply fix problems with money! 

I know from firsthand experience that we all have to start somewhere. I’m a real woman who knows the struggles and how to thrive with many competing priorities in life. I’m here to help you do what makes you happy in a way that works for you.

The world needs more women like you.

You were given that spark for a reason.

You are given this ONE LIFE to do and create what you love

What is that dream you once had as a little girl?
What is that crazy idea you’re too embarrassed to tell anyone?
What is that wildly impossible dream you’re too scared to try?

Did that make your heart skip a beat? Maybe it’s time to listen to your inner voice. Imagine living life to the fullest as your authentic self, instead limiting yourself to external/societal timelines, pressures, or expectations.
What if you could do what you love, without compromising your financial and family responsibilities?

I'll show you how to multiply the ROI of your time and energy.


One spark can change your entire life

After giving up on my dreams as a girl of becoming an artist and basketball player, I stumbled upon baking in my 30s and realized that decades of my life hadn’t been lived to the fullest, because I spent them living in fear of disappointing my parents.

This realization changed everything. For the first time in decades, I had the courage to pursue the dreams I had once given up on. I became re-ignited—my energy multiplied; I have been high on life ever since.

As a mother of two, while working in corporate banking for 15 years, what began as a tiny spark of self-discovery led to two nationally recognized bakeries, a national basketball festival and podcast, and 10+ creative projects in under 4 years.

My life completely changed when I started living on my own terms.


Why you'll love working with me

I do what I teach, and I teach what I do.

I am a coach in addition to my primary endeavors as a creative entrepreneur. This means that I coach creative women in addition to spending the majority of my time leading and managing multiple projects across multiple platforms.

I practice what I preach in my real life and creative pursuits.


How can I help you?

Are you ready for a life and career that truly makes you happy?
I’d love to learn more about you!
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